Healthi Services Video

Healthi Services provides “pharmacists with a centralised hub for delivering consistently high quality patient services”. To find out how, watch our brand new Healthi Services video.

Centralised pharmacy services delivery platform

greater consistency, reduced training needs and robust audit and reporting

Fluid processes with PMR system integration

have confidence in accurate and up-to-date patient data and reduced service delivery times

Accessible securely via the web

web-based solution allows secure delivery of clinical services through N3 network to ensure IG compliance

Healthi Services, our new online platform for clinical service provision, enables pharmacists to deliver efficient services whilst benefiting from a centralised patient view.

Benefits of Healthi for…


Competition is strong in the community pharmacy market, Healthi can help independent pharmacies to deliver exceptional service to patients.


Ensure service delivery consistency across pharmacy groups and gain greater insight with advanced reporting.


Centralised visibility, flexible reporting and an efficient way for commissioners to introduce new services to community pharmacy.


Enhance your members' revenue opportunities and service delivery experience with a superior solution.


Get ready for greater insight and input into your community pharmacy relationship with Healthi Services.