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Centralised visibility, flexible reporting and an efficient way for commissioners to introduce new services to community pharmacy.

Efficient commissioned service rollout and reporting

Whilst Healthi Services can be integrated into Cegedim Rx PMR systems, as a web-based solution it can be used in any pharmacy setting, irrespective of which PMR system is in use.  This means that commissioners have an unlimited pharmacy base available when rolling out a commissioned service through Healthi Services.

Due to the cutting edge technology that we have used to create Healthi Services, we can develop and roll out specific commissioned services quickly to particular geographic areas.  This tailored approach gives commissioners control over service delivery processes and reporting requirements.

With simple yet efficient delivery processes, commissioners can be assured that their service is being delivered consistently across all pharmacies, whilst the intuitive platform ensures minimal training requirements.  You can also take advantage of extensive reporting and performance statistics.

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