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About Healthi Services

Healthi Services is an online services delivery tool that provides pharmacies with a centralised platform to deliver patient services easily and consistently.

Linking to a cloud based patient record, Healthi Services can be used as a standalone solution or can be integrated with your Cegedim Rx PMR system. This centralised data integration ensures that your end-to-end service delivery process is fluid, that you are always using accurate and up-to-date patient data, and importantly, helps you to cut the time taken to deliver services to your patients.

Why we created Healthi Services

Changing social trends are also influencing pharmacy’s relationship with the community.

Public demand for convenient access to healthcare is driving the requirement for service provision from new locations.

When greater acceptance of the internet and patient data access is factored into the equation, community pharmacy is left with a challenge to find new and innovative ways to deliver patient value and improved care, in order to stand out from the crowd.

Motivated by these market changes and the fragmentation of both providers and data, Cegedim Rx embarked on a major strategic initiative to utilise its pharmacy knowledge and understanding of the market challenges to deliver a single online platform.

The resulting solution, Healthi Services, enables pharmacists to not only deliver efficient and compliant dispensing, but also additional services which will benefit from a single view of the patient, solving one of the key challenges and requirements of pharmacists as they continue to drive improved outcomes and deliver superior services to the community.

As a web-based platform, Healthi Services can be accessed from a PC, laptop or tablet. It also offers a unique view for each user type, meaning that each user within your pharmacy only needs to see information and processes relevant to their role.

Deliverable services within Healthi Services currently include NHS flu vaccinations, private flu vaccinations and NMS and MURs. A wide range of services are being developed and, due to the cutting edge technology that we have used to create Healthi Services, services can be deployed at several hierarchical levels within pharmacy groups or geographical areas.

Key benefits

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